Every filmmaker's got a shot!

FILM Chain is a blockchain solution being developed to solve the problem of sustainable financing for indie films relying on low to medium tier budgets and generation of revenue streams for indie filmmakers while involving the community.

ICO Starts In

FILM Chain in a Glance

FILM Chain consists of IndieFund, a blockchain-based fundraising platform, Community Voice, a voting smart contract that enables the community to vote on the creation or continuation of a motion picture based on their stake in IndieFund, NFTpurge a platform to help filmmakers market and sell their art-related NFTs, Block Office, a streaming platform for films supported by the FILM Chain community, and HyreBlok a professional networking platform where filmmakers can find the right talent for their projects, or simply network and expand their professional circle.

FILM Chain Ecosystem

Indie Fund png


The goal of the project is to support indie filmmakers to raise funds necessary for the realization of their projects.

Community Voice png

Community Voice

FILM Chain enables community involvement in the development of motion pictures that they want to see and support.

Block Office png

Block Office

FILM Chain provides a utility for the distribution of projects supported by the community through streaming on our platform.

NFT Purge png


The marketplace where filmmakers could market and sell their project-related NFTs in order to tokenize and monetize their creation.

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Networking part of the platform where industry professionals can showcase their talents, network with other peers, or find partners and crews.

How FILM Chain Works?

Indie filmmakers and producers create a profile, submit their pitches, and budgetary projections. After an initial screening, the community reviews and crowdfunds their favorite projects using FILM Chain tokens. Projects that reach the minimum financing cap receive funds in four stages, determined by community vote. This keeps investors engaged throughout the project's lifecycle and builds a highly invested community around the film or show.

Process diagram


✔Initial concept
✔Problem definition
✔Feasibility study
✔Development platform selection research
✔Strategy research
Branding consolidation✔
Technical architecture✔
Launch whitepaper✔
Team building✔
Develop smart contract✔
Develop sales contract✔
Code Testing✔
✔Website launch
✔Deploy contract
✔Airdrop development
✔Community building
✔Social media campaigns
✔Launch airdrop
Start Lucky draws
List on exchanges
List on Coinmarketcap
List on Coingecko
App backend specification
Onboarding of platform users
List on major exchanges
Launch IndieFund beta
Launch Community Voice
Launch Block Office beta
Launch HyreBlok beta
Launch NFTpurge
Funding of the first FILM Chain supported project
Mobile app development
To be announced…

FILM Chain Token Distribution

22% ICO
20% Cryptoeconomic Reserves
16% Development
14% Marketing
11% Team
10% Partnerships
7% Rewards

FILMCHAIN distribution chart

FILM Chain Information

General description

FILM will be released on the basis of BSC platform and fully comply with BEP-20 standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.

Name: FILM Chain
Symbol: FILM
Standard: BEP-20
Platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Total Supply: 10,000,000,042 FILM
Minimum Investment: 50 USDT
Price: 1 FILM = 0.042 USDT
Rewards: Available
MVP/Prototype: Available
Accepting: BNB, USDT, ETH

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